Ragtag Film Society Legacy Fund

The Ragtag Film Society Legacy Fund was established in 2013 by Bill Bondeson and Linda Butterfield Cupp. It will serve as long-term assurance that Ragtag Cinema and True/False Film Fest will live on in this community.

The goals of the fund are to:

  1. Assure the long-term health, vitality and sustainability of the cinema and fest.
  2. Provide a robust educational media literacy program to Columbia youth.
  3. Assure the cinema and fest remain affordable for the average Columbia resident.

The minimum contribution to this fund is $5,000 in cash or stock.

Individuals wanting to donate to Ragtag below the $5,000 Legacy Fund mark can donate on ourĀ donation page.

If you are interested in joining the Legacy contributors, or if you'd like to meet to further discuss in person, please contact Executive Director, Arin Liberman, at [email protected].

Thank You to Our Legacy Donors 

Aaron & Nikki Krawitz
Amy McCombs
Ann & David Mehr
Barbara Fairman
Barry & Pam Gainor
Betsy Garrett
Bill & Barb Froke
Bill Bondeson & Linda Butterfield Cupp
Carol Hurt
Charles & Jan Swaney
D&BJ Family
Diane Booth & Jeanne Sebaugh
Dianna & Rodney Adkison
Doris Littrell
Harriet & Bill Yelon
Jerry & Judy Schermer
Joanne Fulton
Kathleen Ehrhardt
Larry Ganong & Marilyn Coleman
Margie Sable & George Smith
Michael & Emy Friedman
Michael & Susan Roberts
Peggy & Richard Poe
Ron & Judy Carter
Sally Silvers
Tom Smith
Vicky Riback Wilson