Thank you for your support!

Ragtag Film Society is not part of a corporate chain of cineplexes, we are a part of your community. Whether you are a Cinema member, a True/False passholder, donor, underwriter, sponsor, or simply a beloved fan of film, you are a part of our shared community. Together in just four weeks, you helped us to achieve our year-end goal to raise $10,000 in donations to replace the reduction in federal grant funding our organization received in the previous calendar year.
If you wish to make a charitable donation, you may do so here:
or by mail or in person at Ragtag Cinema 10 Hitt Street Columbia MO 65201
On behalf of our Board of Directors and the whole Ragtag crew, thank you and best wishes for 2018.
Sincerely, Tracy
Tracy Lane
Executive Director, Ragtag Film Society
10 Hitt Street • Columbia, MO 65201
Ragtag Cinema • serving Columbia 361 days a year
True/False Film Fest • March 1-4, 2018