Thanks for Dawdling

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Boone Dawdle. It was a blast.
And our visiting filmmakers thought so, too. Here's a very kind email from them:

Hi Paul and David,
Isis and I are still floating in the ethers after that extraordinary
day. What a happening!!! Boone Dawdle was hands down the most phenomenal
film event I've ever experienced---and it was the greatest honor to
have our film be the focal point for so much of the fun! You and your
True/False benevolent members blew our minds over and over again
with your kindness, creativity, wild hijinks, and over-the-top
conceptualization, organization and execution. WOW! What a gift you
give so many through all this.

Thank you for going so far over and above in all you did to make this
happen and bring us out. You've greatly inspired me for our future
events and I can't wait to invite you to one of ours! And thanks again
for being such generous and wonderful hosts. I hope you were happy
with everything.... Hope you both get some good rest and satisfaction
after all this wonderful success and fun. Thanks again. We truly had
the time of our lives.

All best wishes,
Jodi and Isis