Thanks for watching the Oscars with us!

The votes are in! Thank you for watching the Oscars with us on the big screen. Here are the final votes for the Corkys, Ragtag's awards for films we've shown this year. If you saw them at Ragtag and want to see them again, they're available at 9th St Video on Hitt, our Hittsville roommate.

Best Blockbuster: Moonrise Kingdom
Best Indie Favorite: Chicken with Plums
Best gentleman Actor: Joaquin Phoenix/The Master
Best Lady Actor: Quvenzhané Wallis/Beasts of the Southern Wild
Columbia Connection:Sun Don’t Shine
Best jaw-dropping Moment: Holy Motors
Best Deleted Scene: Casa de mi Padre
Best Classic Film: A Trip to the Moon
Best Documentary: Searching for Sugarman
Best Animated Feature: The Secret World of Arrietty
Best Foreign Film: Intouchables
Film with Best Musical Act: Pina
Best Scary Movie: We Need to Talk About Kevin
Best Ass-kicking Movie: Casa de mi Padre