To Our Communities

We are deeply sorry for the pain caused by our sponsorship relationship with The Crossing. 

For over 17 years, the Ragtag Film Society (Ragtag Cinema and the True/False Film Fest) has thrived because the Columbia community has supported our cinema and Fest. We are thankful for the hours of labor, donations, tickets and passes purchased, and other forms of participation that our community has provided. And we are just as grateful to our community for holding us accountable to our stated mission and values. 

In light of recent events, we have turned inward these past few weeks, holding several listening sessions with staff, and beginning to gather feedback from throughout the community. We’ve learned a lot, and will be using that wisdom to make our organization better by revising policies and rethinking how we shape the experience of stepping into our events and spaces. We will take these and other positive steps forward with our values of Integrity and Inclusion in mind. We will continue to hold ourselves accountable, and we are confident that you, our community, will do so as well. And of course, we will keep doing what we do best–showing the best documentary and art house films around and using those films as a vehicle to foster dialogue and understanding. 

Questions? Contact:

Jeremy Brown, RFS Executive Director, [email protected]

Barbie Banks, Ragtag Cinema Director, [email protected]

Camellia Cosgray, True/False Film Fest Director, [email protected]