True/False film lineup to be posted Feb. 11 / Film schedule on Feb. 13

The film lineup for this year's True/False Film Fest (March 5–8) will be posted Feb. 11, and the schedule will be posted Feb. 13. All passes are on sale now.

Here is the reservation timetable for passholders:
Super Circle - Sun. Feb 15 starting at 6pm
Silver Circle - Tues. Feb 17 starting at 6pm
Lux - Thurs. Feb 19 starting at 6pm
Simple - Sat. Feb 21 starting at 6pm

Each pass level has a 48-hour window before the next pass level is able to join in and make their reservations. As Lux and Simple pass reservations open later in the week, tickets will be unavailable for reservation, so have backup plans ready.

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