Wes Anderson = busy times (a guide)

We so easily forget how crazy it can get around here with a big movie. Here's some helpful advice to make everyone's life a li'l easier:

We will try to post show updates on our Facebook page (visit it here). We've already had one rolling sellout (where one show sells out early, then the next show sells out really early).

Get here early. For primetime shows, we recommend getting here at least 30 minutes before showtime, especially if you're ordering food from Uprise Bakery.

Give yourself time to park. City garages are free on weekends and after 6pm. There's one catty-corner to Hittsville (the building we're in). Do not park in the surface lot across the street unless there's an attendant selling passes. Learn more about downtown parking here.

Cash is king...and faster than credit cards.

Buying tickets online is a good idea, especially if you're driving in from, say, Jeff City. Here are three things you should know about online tickets:

> You don't have to wait in the box office line when you get here. Proceed to the ticket taker (just to the right of the box office). S/he will give you your tickets (your printout is not a ticket).
> Using your credit card is the fasted way to pick up your tix. (You can also print a receipt, or just write down the confirmation number.)
> Online tickets guarantee you a seat...just not a seat next to your date. Please show up early enough to get a good seat (13 minutes is good).

A free pass is not a ticket. Please wait in the box office line to redeem your ticket.

We do not sell advance tickets to regular programming. Online tickets go on sale at midnight. The Bakery staff is usually pretty good at selling our tickets. They start around 7am. Ragtag staff comes in around 10:15am.
Our building (Hittsville) has a few 15-minute parking spots on the north side (turn at the patio). Feel free to use these for picking up tickets, buying bread, renting movies, or buying records.

Let us know if you have any questions about how we do business: [email protected].