When good showtimes go bad

It's possible that you've looked up our showtimes on Google, Yahoo, Flixter, etc. and then arrived at the theater to find that your movie started an hour before you thought. And then you cursed Ragtag's name for putting the wrong showtimes online. Let us explain: We're not saying we've never got a showtime wrong (we have). It's just: we didn't put those showtimes on Google or Yahoo or MovieFone or wherever you looked. There's a company that supplies showtimes to the aforementioned media sites (and many others). Their people harvest our showtimes from our website and usually do a very good job, but, peoples being peoples, they sometimes make mistakes.

So this is what we recommend: There are only three Ragtag-approved online sources for our showtimes. The best is, of course, our website. You're here already. Click on "Calendar" above and see all the wonderful showtimes. We update it every Monday by 5pm with times for the following Friday through Thursday.

Two is our weekly email. If we're on top of things, we'll send it out on Wednesday with showtimes, trailers and more for the week. Click here to subscribe. You can unsubscribe whenever you like.

Three: Facebook. We do a pretty good job of posting our daily showtimes on our Facebook page. Plus, if shows are selling out, we'll often post about show trends and whatnot there.

Other tips:

Always double check with our website. If our website says we're playing a film at 5:45, we're playing it at 5:45.

Our mobile site is pretty good. Put it by your favorite movie apps on your smartphone.

Make sure you're on the right day. We usually change our showtimes daily since we only have two screens and we like to mix it up. If you're looking at shows on Monday then leave your browser open and come back to it on Wednesday, you may need to refresh the page to see Wednesday's showtimes.

Our website does not play nice with Internet Explorer. If you're unable to buy online tickets or things look goofy, try Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Have questions about how we do things? Send all queries to [email protected]. Thanks.