Wide Angle Film Series, December 2-4

Our second Wide Angle Film Series is fast approaching. It's a really unique series in which we reflect on social justice issues of the present by watching and discussing films from the past. This year's series will be a response to the movement emerging out of Ferguson, Missouri following the deaths of Michael Brown and other young, unarmed black men from across the country, including Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant. Over the course of three days, we'll reflect on the history of racial discourse and institutional racism on both a local and national level. Screenings will be at 6pm on December 2, 3, and 4 and they are all free.

First up, on Tuesday, December 2nd, is 48 Hrs, a 1982 crime classic that established the blueprint for dozens of "buddy cop" films. It stars Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. Watch the trailer here.

Then, on Wednesday the 3rd, we'll show a 1966 documentary called Troublemakers. It follows a group of white New Left activists (including a young Tom Hayden) as they travel to Newark, New Jersey and, working with the city's black community, attempt to improve living conditions in the central ward. We were unable to find a trailer for this one anywhere on the whole of the internet. Crazy.

Lastly, we'll show Wattstax on Thursday, December 4. It's a documentary that covers a Stax Records-sponsored all-day concert at the 1972 Watts Summer Festival, featuring Richard Pryor, Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, The Staples Singers and more. Righteous. Watch the trailer here.