World Cup 2018 at Ragtag

Ragtag will be showing World Cup games this year! We are a movie theater, so we will be working in games around our movie times. TBD means "to be determined." We might/might not show TBD games based on our schedule. Check back for updates!
Free! We are a non-profit cinema, so donations are welcome to cover our projector bulb use and utilities.
Uprise Bakery is open at 6:30am Monday-Saturday, and will be open for most of the games. Feel free to buy food and drink from Uprise Bakery to bring into our theater to watch the game. No outside food is ever allowed in the theater or the Hittsville building. Even when Uprise Bakery is closed on Sunday, our policy is no outside food. Thank you for being considerate.
Thanks to our cable provider CenturyLink Prism.

Now let's watch some fútbol! Games and dates link.