Showing Today: Friday, March 22

Ragtag News

  • Sunday Sunday Sunday! Cat Video Fest!

    CatVideoFest!! Cats! On screen! Winter getting ya down? Let's cheer up with some cute cat videos! Sunday, March 24 at 1pm.

    CatVideoFest is a compilation reel of the latest and best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions »

  • Apollo 11, Birds of Passage, and Fighting with My Family open Friday!

    We are opening three new movies on Friday and one on Saturday! Friday brings us Apollo 11 (T/F 2019), Birds of Passage, and just announced: Fighting with My Family (The Rock!). Combat Obscura (T/F 2017) opens Saturday. We'll keep Climax »

  • March trailers playlist

    We keep adding more movies to March! Come see them all with us!

    Apollo 11 — opens Friday, March 22. An official T/F 2019 selection.

    Fighting with My Family — opens Friday, March 22

    Birds of Passage — opens Friday, »

  • New electronic gift cards!

    Send free movies straight to someone's inbox with our electronic gift cards.
    On our gift cards page, select Email under Delivery Type. The recipient will receive an email with a QR code and gift card number which they can print »

  • Single Stall Bathrooms at Hittsville

    Did ya know?

    Single stall restrooms at Hittsville are located down the hall to the theaters.

    A baby changing station is in the first bathroom down the hall to the theaters.

    You don’t need a movie ticket to use them. »

  • Become a member of Ragtag!

    Moviepass hasn't been working at our theater for a few days. Put your pennies toward Ragtag's own membership program! We have several levels to choose with increasingly glamorous perks. To start, the Ragtag Student Membership ($30 a year valid w/ »