Showing Today: Wednesday, July 8

Ragtag News

  • Health Guidelines at Ragtag

    Here are some guidelines we've made for ourselves and recommendations for you all to keep everyone safe upon reopening:

    What to expect from us

    Masks & Cleaning
    All staff will be wearing masks.
    Theaters will be thoroughly sanitized between shows. »

  • Group Tickets, Rentals & More

    Ragtag is winding up the cinema machine with some important changes and new watching options.

    Group Tickets: Wanna watch a movie we're showing with just your friends & family/quarantine pod? You can do that now in the small theater. »

  • Ragtag at Home

    Ragtag Film Society is excited to announce its new resource for engaging kids in media literacy. Ragtag at Home (link to Google drive) is a collection of free resources that pair children-appropriate films with ready-made curriculum developed by its Community »

  • Save the date! Ragtag's Birthday Drive-In

    SATURDAY AUGUST 15, 2020

    For 10 years now, our summer event has featured a scenic bike ride, spirited live music, a locally sourced dinner, and a film under the stars. In an effort to provide a fun and safe event »

  • Recommendations for Black Cinema

    Our current moment has seen a swell of self-reflection and education. In both our art house cinema and nonfiction film festival, Ragtag Film Society is committed to highlighting and interrogating the role of film in shaping our understandings of our »

  • Become a member of Ragtag!

    Moviepass may be dead, but Ragtag's membership program is going strong! We have several levels to choose with increasingly glamorous perks. To start, the Ragtag Student Membership ($30 a year valid w/ student ID) and Irregular ($50 a year/$40 for »