Showing Today: Friday, January 19

Ragtag News

  • Thank you for your support!

    Ragtag Film Society is not part of a corporate chain of cineplexes, we are a part of your community. Whether you are a Cinema member, a True/False passholder, donor, underwriter, sponsor, or simply a beloved fan of film, you are
  • Super Awesome Movies/Busy Times!

    It gets busy around awards season here at Hittsville: sold out shows at Ragtag and lines at Uprise Bakery’s bar and counter. The number one thing to remember is to buy your tickets early in the day. We want you »

  • Ragtag Hours

    Our box office opens at 12 noon M-F and 30 minutes before the first film on Saturdays and Sundays. If there is not a box officer at the box office when you arrive, ring the doorbell and we will descend »

  • January Trailers

    January is here!
    Faces Places opens January 5
    Members’ Choice: Babo 73, January 15, 4:20pm
    Harvest of Empire, MLK Day Screening, January 15, 1pm
    BPM (Beats Per Minute), Jan. 16-18 only
    Call Me By Your Name opens January 19
    Phantom »

  • Parking downtown

    We know that parking downtown can be a bear, so here's some information about it to help get you down here and parked in time for your movie.

    • Parking enforcement for metered spaces downtown begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends
  • Amazon Smiles on us a lil bit. If you shop there, hook us up.

    Of course we'd prefer you shop local, but if you happen to accidentally go on a late night shopping binge on Amazon, think of Ragtag. has a program called AmazonSmile that benefits nonprofits like Ragtag. It's a very easy »